Explosive Movement Training


It doesn’t matter what competitive game you are playing. In most athletic situations being able to move explosively drastically increases your ability to succeed. Every athlete who aspires to greatness understands and builds their explosive movement capabilities and speed in their off season. For some of those athletes the dream is division 1 sports or the chance to move to the professional ranks some day. For others they want to help pay for their education and future with sports. Still others simply want to jump higher this season and are not yet looking to the future. Whatever the dream, all student-athletes looking to improve in their athletic skills need to train. Explosive movement training is usually sport specific. Students come and say to us I am a Lacrosse player, how should I train. At Peak One Performance we examine the movements of the sport and help the player develop a personal plan to build explosive behavior from the muscles needed for the sport.

The same hold true for volleyball. On the surface lacrosse and volleyball seem like two completely different sports. However, when you examine their movements many muscular faculties are the same. Then when you examine the unique movement patterns associated with volleyball one can work with the trainer to increase skills in weak movements, for explosive behavior, and maximize those movements already strong.

Though most sports have common elements of movement all sports also have unique movement. At Peak One we use a combination of universal and sport specific movement to develop overall coordination and mastery of those movements. This directly relates to the players explosiveness in competition.


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