Meal Timing

For any athlete meal timing is of great importance. For an athlete to perform at their best, it is imperative that their bodies have the ability to do so. By giving our bodies the right food and, as important, the right amount of time to digest, we enable our bodies to perform at their peek.

As with hydration, if a player eats when they are hungry, they are already out of energy stores. Players need to eat for fuel. Knowing what to eat and when to eat is key for any athlete to have the energy reserves need for competition. The goal of this article is to give you direction with regards to the proper time allotment for food digestion.
Here is a general outline for you to follow:

  • 5 hours for a large, high fat meal
  • 4 hours for a large meal, (700 calories)
  • 3 hours for a smaller meal, (500 calories)
  • 1 hour for a small snack, (200 calories)

We encourage you to make the effort to follow these guidelines when eating for competition. You’ll be amazed at how your body feels and reacts.


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