Level III – Select (Ages 13-14. Meets for 90 minutes 2 time per week) Investment Amnt $ 500 / 33 sessions(1 yr) or $ 250 / 16 sessions (6 mo.)

  • Emphasis on correct running form and motor coordination.
  • Compound movements are introduced and taught so that athletes will master them
  • Stronger emphasis on resistance and over-speed training (more sets and repetitions)
  • Greater importance put on sport-specific situations combining reaction training and multidirectional movements to enhance athletic performance.
  • Sport specific if requested.
  • Introduction to weight room strength training with thirty minutes designated to focusing on proper form and technique.
  • Nutrition for Young Athletes


Level IV – Elite (Ages 15 and up. Meets for 2 Hours 2 time per week)

Investment Amnt $ 500 / 30 sessions(1 yr) or $ 250 / 12 sessions (6 mo.)

  • Positive yet more intense environment for our highest paced program.
  • Athletes are expected to have a high level of competency in regards to basic and compound movements
  • More concentrated focus will be put on sports specific movements incorporating all of our equipment
  • Weight room strength training is increased to an hour focusing more on Olympic lifts to promote explosive movements.
  • Nutrition for Young Athletes

*All age groups are guidelines. Sports Performance Coaches have the discretion to move an athlete in classification.

Confidence Conditioning

The Confidence conditioning program provides a unique opportunity for athletes to meet one-on-one, or in group settings with a mental conditioning coach. There are a variety of packages ranging from a group/team clinic, individual single assessment session to multiple sessions. Meetings take place both in the classroom and on the field/court. Meetings with coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged. Highlights of the age-appropriate mental conditioning core include concentration, motivation, confidence conditioning, dealing with pressure, developing performance routines, and goal identification, imagery and simulation. Player progress is continuously monitored using questionnaires and assessments, biofeedback, videotaping, and observations.

Package Options

Assessment only(60 min) Investment amount: $55.00

Single session including basic psychological skills education, initial evaluation and assessment. Mental skills scores and written feedback/recommendations provided.

5 Sessions- (45 min ea) Investment amount: $175.00

Initial evaluation, multiple inventory assessment, and psychological skills education.  Five individual weekly meetings to identify and address presenting areas of concern. Video observation and analysis available upon request. Assessment scores and written feedback/recommendations provided.

10 Sessions- (45 min ea) Investment amount:  $350.00

Initial evaluation, multiple inventory assessment, and in depth psychological skills education. Ten individual weekly meetings to identify, and address presenting areas of concern. Video observation and analysis available upon request.  One or more sessions may take place at sport setting if desired. Assessment scores and written feedback/recommendations provided.

Team/Group Clinics   (2 hours) Investment amount: $300.00

Each year collegiate and professional sports teams are adding some type of mental training to supplement their physical training programs. Peak One Performance is now offering these same services to youth sports teams and organizations in . We use team-building sessions built around popular Sports Psychology concepts. The athletes can form cohesiveness while learning specific psychological skills needed for peak performance.

Home Work Corner (Ages 12 and up. Meets for 1.5 Hours 1 time /week) Investment Amount $ 10 /session or $30/mo. Or free if your student is enrolled in any other program

At Peak One Performance, we are committed to more than athletes – we are committed to the Total Child.  Peak One Performance will provide a place for students to go and get help with their schoolwork. This program is not set up to simply chaperone students until they get the work done. We will help players understand their natural cognitive learning type with a simple questionnaire. Also we will help them learn their natural personality type and how it affects themselves and others. Then we will develop an individual approach to schoolwork that more closely suits them. We will be teaching students an approach to homework that will allow them to get all the work done better and in less time, with less stress. The stress and pressure of homework is very similar to that of athletic competition. At Peak One we can help each student learn to handle the pressures by teaching them routines that will work for them. Peak One will also monitor grade point averages for our Student- Athletes weekly to help guide them and keep them on track. Peak One Performance understands the need for Student-Athletes to balance school and sports. Unlike other sports organizations we are not going to leave it up to the student to figure it out, or the school to engage them more. We get involved, and help these players learn a better way to accomplish their responsibilities so they can participate in sports today, and grow to understand how to balance life’s responsibilities in the future.