Positive environment. In addition to learning and improving, our athletes will have fun and gain confidence. 

Experienced instructors, and coaches. Our coaches and instructors are experienced in the education of young athletes. We don’t train kids like adults. Our approach is physical and mental on an appropriate level depending on the athletes’ age. We train  local Summit County athletes from the ages of 6 to 18.

Reaction, resistance, and speed assistance. These three components make up the core of our Sports Performance program. You will be amazed by the benefits of this cutting-edge training philosophy. 

Feedback and progress testing. To ensure that our athletes are benefiting from the program, periodic testing for speed, strength, and agility is provided free of charge. Testing results are then discussed and thorough feedback is provided to parents, coaches, and athletes.

One-on-one instruction. Our athletes receive individualized instruction and attention. Our coaches realize that no two people perform or learn the same way, and personal attention is crucial.

Repetition. Our coaches understand that the proper habits desired in optimal sports performance do not happen overnight. By providing numerous and diverse opportunities for maximum repetitions, proper form and skill execution will develop in an appropriate, unforced manner. 

Maximum effort. Our athletes quickly learn to understand the concept of hard work. Athletic ability differs among individuals, yet we work to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential.

Analysis. Our program includes a video analysis component, which allows our coaches to show as well as tell athletes how they are improving. Viewing your hitting mechanics or free throw in slow motion, for example, provides an additional learning tool for feedback and performance enhancement.

New and innovative. The Peak One Performance program strives to be the best sports performance program available in Summit, Park, Eagle counties . For that reason we will be continuously adding new programs and features that will give our clients a competitive advantage.

Community involvement. The Peak One Performance Team takes great pride in our athletes as well as our community. We currently train and support 5 travel baseball teams, 1 softball team, and 3 basketball teams, here in Summit as a part of Summit Extreme’s free continuing education program. 

Efficiency. Our athletes are often very busy. They tend to be involved in many activities (all of them needing to be driven by a busy parent). We teach our athletes how to use time, and proper efforts to maximize their results during training, schoolwork, homework, and even play.