Digital Analysis

Help Yourself Become  Better at Your Sport With Improved Practice and Technology!

Practice doesn’t make perfect- Practice makes permanent. Athletes improve their game through repeated practice. Repeated practice allows athletes to train their muscles to perform using the same motion every time- a technique known as muscle memory. This muscle memory allows players to execute movement without thinking- that repetition ensures we perform the same motion every time as best that we can. But since practice truly makes permanent, any minor flaw in our mechanics will be repeated with every attempt. How do we correct that? Practice, of course- but with perfect practice.
How will Digital Analysis help me?
The  Digital Analysis Program from Peak One Performance will help you and your coach see the problems with your mechanics and provide visual assessments of you at several stages of execution and allow you to take the appropriate corrective steps!
The picture pages and slow motion video we provide will allow a complete visual analysis of your mechanics, and allow you to re-train your muscle memory patterns with improved technique practice of your mechanics. Educational studies show that when you not only tell someone verbally or show them how to do something, but provide pictures as visual aids, the retention of that new information is retained at a much higher rate!For more information please contact Coach Mike @ 970-368-4747  Or Email  

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