Volleyball Clinics

How to score more, and give up less points in Volleyball:  This is an introductory course that will educate the players on the needs of training for their sport. This course is designed to teach volleyball players, at all levels,  the type of strength training and multi directional training needed to succeed in the sport.  Highlights of this course include; understanding plyometric training, coordination development, speed, multi-directional quickness, increasing vertical jump, strength training,and resistence training.

Confidence Conditioning: An interactive clinic that teaches Coaches and players from any sport how to get their confidence from their approach, not their results. This course teaches specific vocabulary that can be used between coaches and players to keep the confidence of the player at its peak. Highlights of this age-appropriate course include concentration, motivation, confidence conditioning, dealing with pressure, developing performance routines, and goal identification. This is an excellent pre–requisite course for many other courses offered in our selection. 2 hrs. 

Nutrition for Young Athletes: It’s no secret that young athletes are not sure how to eat right. Nutrition does not just affect how much energy you have. It also affects your ability to concentrate, your emotions, your impulsive behaviors, your patience level, and many other aspects of your behavior and performance. This course concentrates on the types of foods your players should be eating, before, during, and after training, game day, and every day. 45 Minutes

The Optimal Sports Parent: Parents have a serious responsibility to monitor the quality of community and scholastic sports, as well as guide their children through the inevitable ups and downs of competitive athletics.  This course is intended to help parents help their children get the most out of their youth sports experience. Highlights of this course include: Deciding to play, Physical fitness, Mental fitness, How to handle your athletes losses, coping skills for sports parents, how to deal with difficult coaches, how much pressure is too much, what to do when your athlete under performs, how to deal with little playing time, and more. 1.5 hrs. 

The Coaches Corner : This course series is designed for all level coaches in any youth sport. If you are just beginning your coaching journey or you have already been coaching, and are looking for a way to get the most from your players. This course is designed to teach a very positive approach to coaching young athletes. Our certified and experienced staff can help you develop a program of your own that will get results. Highlights of this course include: The Biggest Crisis in Youth and High School Sports, Little Known Tactics That Force Parents To Respect Your Coaching Authority, The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For A Successful, Stress-Free Season, The Secret To Planning A World-Class Practice (Without Wasting Time Or Effort), What “Elite Level” Coaches Hope You’ll Never Find Out. This is a pre–requisite course for many other courses offered in our Coaches Corner selection.2 hrs.

Additional Courses in the series:

Coaching Philosophy & Ethics. 45 min

Teaching & Communication. 45 min

Athlete Growth & Development. 45 min

Skill & Tactics for Your Sport. 45 min

Nutrition for Youth & High School Athletes. 45 min

The Parental Relationship. 45 min


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