The average person should drink 8 glasses (2L) of water a day. If you tend to throw in an hour at the gym on top of practice, your need for water is compounded. Depending upon how much you sweat  you should adjust your water intake accordingly. The general view is for every pound you lose sweating, you need to replace it with a ½ liter of water.
If you ever find yourself getting dizzy or abnormally hot, you are not getting enough water. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after the game. If you are afraid of cramping, don’t be. The belief that water causes cramping is a myth. The truth is that water is the most important aspect of any athlete’s diet. If a player waits until they are thirsty they are probably already dehydrated. Drink water to prevent dehydration not to cure it and you will have the strength and stamina needed for competition.

Sports Drinks

Although you can’t go wrong with water, sports drinks do offer an alternative. If you are playing a physically demanding sport, a sports drink may give you that extra punch to get you through a game. The added sugar in a sports drink will give your body extra fuel for your muscles. As well, your body will tend to absorb a sports drink faster than water. With this said though, buying a sports drink every game is far more expensive than properly hydrating yourself with water.


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