Food Groups

Food Group Recommended Food Restricted Intake Attempt to Eliminate
Bread/Grains Cereals Whole grain (rye, wheat, oat, pumpernickel) buns, bagels, raisin bread, English muffins, assorted crackers

Pancakes, waffles, plain biscuits, cookies low-fat, low sugar

Hot cereal, breakfast cereal high in whole wheat, oat or rice and low in refined sugar

High fat crackers (Ritz)

High fat muffins, donuts, pastry and cookies

Donuts, croissants, garlic toast, cheese buns, cheese bread
Pasta Any type of pasta with low fat, tomato or lean meat sauce

Low fat lasagna

Egg noodles

Macaroni and cheese




Pasta with cream sauce (alfredo)
Rice Steamed or boiled Fried  
Fruits All fresh, frozen and canned particularly citrus fruit (with low added sugar) fruit juices (no sugar added)

Dried fruit

Vegetables All vegetables – raw if possible

Prepared without added fat

  Caesar salad, oil salads, marinated salads, deep fried vegetables, with high fat, cream sauce
Potatoes Boiled, mashed, or baked Scalloped French fries, potato skins, potato chips
Meats Lean beef, lamb, extra lean ground beef Cold cuts, bologna Spare ribs, breaded meats, side bacon, canned prepared meats
Poultry Chicken, turkey, baked or roasted   Chicken wings, chicken fingers, fried or breaded
Fish Fresh fish, shell fish, water packed canned fish Oil packed Fried fish

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