6-8 years old

At Peak One Performance, we are committed to more than athletes – we are committed to the Total Child. Studies have shown that proper nutrition, proper hydration and consistent physical activity makes young people physically healthier and increases self confidence, which leads to better performance on the field, in the classroom, and at home.  

Below are ther courses Peak One Performance offers for players 6-8. 20% discounts per class are offered when registering for multiple classes.

Level I – Coordination Development (Ages 6-8. Meets for 60 minutes 2 times per week)

  • Introduction to basic movement and motor coordination skills, focusing on correct form. Ex: running, backpedaling, shuffling, skipping
  • High repetitions of linear and multidirectional movements to encourage optimal muscle memory and improvement.
  • Body weight strength movements (squats, pushups, crunches), focusing on proper form and execution.
  • Basic reaction-focused sports drills to prepare for our Advanced Level.
  • Sport specific if requested.
  • Positive environment to foster enjoyment and confidence building among athletes.
  • Nutrition for Young Athletes

Individual hitting instruction. This is very private and includes video break down and analysis weekly to show results and progress. We test for bat speed, bat quickness, power mechanics, vision, and many other aspects of hitting that can’t be worked on in season.  This is set up by appointment.

Winter Hitting League. Players  ages 8-18 can enroll to be part
of a team of 4. That team meets once a week to get individualized training and batting practice. 4 players and 1 coach. At the end of each batting practice that team will take 4 at bats each (representing a game). All aspects of the at bat will be charted and results will be  posted each week. We will be having awards go out to the top 3 hitting teams of the winter per age group. This is an 8 week program. Players can come with their team or as an individual and all results will be posted to their team. Program begins second week of November. Investment amount: $150