Meal Planning

Good nutritional planning will result in the ongoing practice of consuming both sufficient quantities of food, as well as food of good nutritional quality. This practice should begin with the consumption of a carbohydrate dense morning meal to insure optimal glycogen stores. Every attempt should be made to follow this routine, even at the expense of getting up earlier, or having nutritional snacks available for travel or early practice days. BREAKFAST IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR THE DAY!

Night before the competition

The evening prior to a game you should consume a meal that is 2/3 carbohydrates. In addition you should consume 2 large glasses of non-alcohol, non-caffeinated fluid with your meal. Prior to retiring for the evening have an additional large glass of water or fruit juice, as well as a high carbohydrate – low fat snack. On travel days where a proper sit-down meal may not be available here are some reasonable substitutes for the traditional chicken and pasta:

High Carbo Meals High Carbo Snacks
Multigrain cereal with fresh or dried fruit, low fat milk, fruit juice, whole grain toast Fruit smoothie
Banana pancakes/waffles, with fruit & syrup, fruit juice, low fat milk Yogurt smoothie
Low fat yogurt with granola, bagel, fresh fruit Low fat milk shake
Sandwich with lean meat – roast beef/tuna/turkey, whole grain bread, lettuce, tomatoe, fresh fruit, low fat milk Fruit bars
Whole grain pita sandwich, salad with low fat dressing, ice tea frozen fruit bar or frozen yogurt Cereal/trail mix
Pasta with meatless sauce, grated cheese, crusty Italian bread fresh fruit compote Pretzels
Turkey sub or hoagie, pretzels or baked potato chips, fresh fruit, fruit juice Bagel
Chicken stir fry with rice, oriental vegetables Low fat muffin
Grilled chicken sandwich, baked potatoe, salad, low fat milk Low fat granola bars
Fajitas or soft tacos with rice, salad, low fat milk, frozen yogurt Dried fruit
Thin crust plain or vegetarian pizza  

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