Homework Corner

Home Work Corner (Ages 11 and up. Meets for 1.5 Hours 1 time /week) Investment Amount $ 10 /session or $30/mo., or free if your player is enrolled in any other Peak One program. 

At Peak One Performance, we are committed to more than athletes – we are committed to the Total Child.  Peak One Performance will provide a place for students to go and get help with their schoolwork. This program is not set up to simply chaperone students until they get the work done. We will help players understand their natural cognitive learning type with a simple questionnaire. Also we will help them learn their natural personality type and how it affects themselves and others. Then we will develop an individual approach to schoolwork that more closely suits them. We will be teaching students an approach to homework that will allow them to get all the work done better and in less time, with less stress. The stress and pressure of homework is very similar to that of athletic competition. At Peak One we can help each student learn to handle the pressures by teaching them routines that will work for them. Peak One will also monitor grade point averages for our Student- Athletes weekly to help guide them and keep them on track. Peak One Performance understands the need for Student-Athletes to balance school and sports. We get involved, and help these players learn a better way to accomplish their responsibilities so they can participate in sports today, and grow to understand how to balance life’s responsibilities in the future. High lights of this course are: time management, mind mapping, Stress coping skills, and goal setting.


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