“Peak One Performance is a necessary and critical enhancement to the world of  youth sports.  In an age when athletes have every technological and nutritional advantage, one element that has been missing in the average sport training program has been the mental development of our youth ,as well as parents and coaches…  As a parent of several children in multiple sports, our experience with Mike Connors and Peak One Performance is changing our attitude and outlook on many aspects of  our  children’s development and  participation in these sports.  I believe they are better athletes and better people because of the  training we are receiving”.  Tracie Edstrom

“We, as a family, have been very impressed and extremely happy with our son’s experience with Peak One. The individualized  plan for our 12 year old has benefited him greatly.  He has been positively impacted and we have seen improvements not just  in his sport of baseball, but in his general self-confidence.  We feel that
Peak One has focused not only on coaching, but more importantly, on mentoring our child. We appreciate that Peak One’s staff takes such a personal interest  in our son !”  The Pfeifer Family

“Mike Connors and Peak One Performance have significantly increased my son’s skills in baseball, especially pitching. Mike not only focuses on  the mechanics and techniques of the sport, but also on strength training and conditioning, and the mental aspects of playing at a competitive level. A huge part of playing any sport is the mental training, confidence building, and the ability to deal with adversity. Mike has created numerous clinics and coaching programs for all aspects of the game, but also is constantly reaching out for the latest techniques and programs to improve his  coaching skills. He is absolutely committed to the young players and their development, both on and off the field.”    Mike Hessler.

“I wanted to thank you again for your work with Ryan this summer.  He enjoyed it and I do think it improved his overall fitness and understanding of basic conditioning.  I wanted to let you know that Ryan did well in his triathlon.  He took second place in his age group.  He lost by one minute … He passed a couple of people on the swim – even though he was seeded 15th.  He averaged 18.5 mph on the bike and 7 mph on the run.  He won the bike race for his age group.   He finished the race just over 1:14 – he was 1:35 last year so a big improvement.  He is also in the gym on the treadmill a lot now trying to improve his run time.   He was so pleased with his improvements that we entered him in another triathlon on Sept 27 – about the same distances.  I think I will get him some nutritional gels for the next race as you suggested. We will look forward to seeing you…”   Cynthia Rock

Hi Mike!

Just wanted to give you some feedback..Joe said all the way home..my personal coach is awesome, that Mike guy is awesome… Thank you for what you do!!  You seem to have a niche’ for being a positive influence  in kids lives!

Nicole Hergert

Mike , I thought I’d tell you what Jackson told me the other night. “Mike teaches in a way that I really can understand”  I think that’s great thanks so much and keep up the good work
Rob Braggins

Mike is a dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive coach who is able to work all aspects of the sports performance process. He works with mechanics and fundamentals as well as sports psychology and diet. It has been a pleasure working with Mike over the years.                                                                                   Tony Notaro

Mike it was great to meet you and see your players perform this weekend. It is very rare to meet a person like your self that truly wants the best for his players. I hope the players and parents up in Colorado realize what they have with you and Peak One Performance. Any thing you ever need just ask its done!

Thanks Rick


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