Film, the Next Frontier

Posted: 11/16/2011 in Uncategorized

For years I have been using film to analyze my students and players. It started in my yard with my own son. Filming and watching film to try and find mechanical flaws to his approach to hitting.

As I learned and trained in the physical movements of sport in general I realized that the film could tell me so much more than just how well he swings a bat. I began to use the film to analyze students and their movement capabilities.

Running form, bi directional competency, jumping form, neurological timing and sequential movement ability, and much more an all be analyzed with film.More importantly shown to the student. The visual tool of slow motion film has been priceless to the achievements of my students and to me as a coach and trainer.

Film cannot lie or have an opinion. Many times players are being taught how to do certain athletic skills such as pitching or hitting a baseball, shooting a basketball, or tackling an opposing football player, by coaches who are watching their form and mechanics in real time. Well, the professional coaches in the world of sports today do not “wing it” and state opinions to guide their players. They use film to analyze, break down the movements and show the players with this visual tool how to improve. If a coach is not utilizing film to train the player is not getting the  as much factual information as they need to make improvements. Knowledge based on the latest sports science research is the only thing that makes common sense. In fact, anyone who tries to coach and give advice using only the naked eye is at a huge disadvantage, because the naked eye isn’t fast enough to capture the fastest motions in sports. Unfortunately this is still how most instruction is taught, but there’s a better way and it involves using video…

It is my opinion that any parent who has the desire to help their player can do so best by using film. It has taken me years to become proficient and understand the biological mechanics needed for my players in their individual sports. I have tried so many different softwares and tricks to analyze the films. It can raelly be overwhelming as a parent to know where to start.

So… with that said I have put together a small video tutorial on how to use free software that comes with a windows PC to get started watching your players film in slow motion right at home. This is not the most intricate way to go about the business of film analysis, but will get any parent started, with enough information to help guide you into a better understanding of your players strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. Take a look.


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