M.O.L.D: The Key to Long-Term Athletic Performance

Posted: 11/09/2011 in Uncategorized

M.O.L.D: The Key to Long-Term Athletic Performance

Taken straight from the IYCA’s Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 certification material, this acronym should be the calling card for every single professional and/or volunteer working with young athletes:

M = Movement Must Dominate

Every aspects of your work with young athletes must come under the pretense of ‘movement’.  Free-motion-based strength, torso, ROM, mobility, flexibility, speed, agility and cardiovascular training absolutely must be key to everything.

O = Open to Communication Variances

Coaching and communication are two of the much more important, but largely ignored aspects of proper athletic development.

Kids learn at different rates and via different means.  If you are not prepared to accept that and create a system of communication that reinforces both positivist and your willingness to educate, you will only ever be half a Coach.

L = Learning Style Variances

Not unlike ‘O’; young athletes sometimes need to see.  Other times they need to hear or feel.

Short-term training models are built to make young athletes tired and showcase rapid improvements in biomotor numbers.

Long-term training models are designed to instruct and infuse skill – the numbers will come (and they’ll be much better in the long run).

D = Don’t Train… Teach

Perhaps the nexus on which the entire IYCA is built…

We are not Trainers or Performance Specialists – we are Coaches.

And by default, a Coach’s job is to teach so that “next level” potential is maximized.

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