Using video games to get kids off the couch and into the G.Y.M.

Posted: 12/30/2010 in Uncategorized

At Peak One Performance we have combined the latest full body gaming technology with the ancient art of human movement. Take a look.

When Microsoft announced the release of its new full body motion detecting gaming accessory (the Kinect) I knew we were going to get one for the G.Y.M. I had watched the commercials on TV with eager anticipation. There are not a ton of games available. The ones that are can and will change how the world plays games.
For us the idea of having an avatar character that mimics your every movement with precision, behind a sensor that scans your whole body was intriguing. After using the Kinect sports game for one session it became apparent that this “game” will be a life changing tool for many of our young student athletes.
A traditional strength training or coordination development class would always use some resistance bands or medicine balls and work on proper form in athletic movement. We concentrate on the physical movements found in all physical activity. As a player gets older we then offer multi directional sport specific movement training. That all sounds great, but it’s very challenging to find activities that will keep young people interested and motivated to get to the G.Y.M. multiple times per week. As much as I have been down on student athletes playing video games after school for hours at a time, I find myself advocating for the new Microsoft Kinect.
The games can allow our players to work on proper movement techniques while competing with classmates or the computer generated opponent. The scanner sits under the monitor and when set up properly detects the athletes’ movement from head to toe. We have experimented significantly with the sensor. It does read all movement, and the better you execute the movements with proper form the better the scores of your avatar. To run faster the scanner needs to see your body running properly. To throw farther your mechanics need to be correct.
We do not simply put the athletes in front of the TV and walk away. Our trainers have the same job to do. We monitor all exercises and movements to make sure the player is executing properly. The XBOX keeps track of the results with the players’ individual profile. Times, distances, games played, etc., are being tallied by the Xbox and always on file. We have developed several age appropriate programs with this great technological fun. This technology will be used in our Sports Performance classes as well as our Coordination Development classes. For more information about how your child could benefit from Peak One’s programs email us at or call Coach Mike at 970-402-4566.

  1. Clinton says:

    This is such a cool way to get kids up and moving. Within ten minutes both my 5yo son and I felt like we were in the middle of a great workout. My son David didn’t even know that he was getting great exercise while the temperature outside was in the single digits! Thanks Coach Mike!

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