Athletic Brain Training Can Boost On-field Performance

Posted: 12/04/2010 in Uncategorized

In my never ending quest for education in the world of peak performance I recently watched a program from a PBS special called Brain Fitness: Peak Performance. This special was very well done and incredibly pertinent to goals of Peak One Performance. I have put a portion of the program called the Baseball player below. Enjoy. If you are a parent of a baseball player this show will give you a new outlook on your player.

To be the BEST, an athlete has to train body and mind. Many youth athletic training companies know how to train the human body for peak physical performance. Training in the weight room or gym for muscular strength, speed, flexibility and endurance; the importance of resistance and plyometric training as well as practice to develop technique and style. At Peak One Performance we understand and utilize any physical component of training appropriate for our athletes. However we also have an added “mental game” component to our training that is crucial for all of the physical abilities of the athlete to operate at peak capacity.
For most the mental game is about focus, composure, confidence and emotional stability while facing challenges. At Peak One Performance we address this side of the mental game in nearly every course offered; in particular our confidence conditioning classes. We have taught our athletes and their families for years that under pressure your body will revert to its’ dominant response. That dominant response was created by habits of the athlete engraining a neurological pathway in the brain. Science has shown that it takes 21-30 days to create a neurological pathway that will become the new dominant response. We have been training our young athletes in ways to create these new responses for better performance in the classroom and on the field or court of play.
“Traditionally, the world’s best athletes – divers, swimmers, pitchers, basketball players, golfers, and others – had to work for years to be able to get ‘in the zone’ at the critical moment in competition. Today, high powered laptops and specialized computer programs allow athletes to strengthen the bond between brain and body in ways never dreamed of – even ten years ago.” Francis J. Flynn, Psy.D., co-founder and director of Brain Training Centers of Florida
Like muscles in the body that need to be finely tuned for peak performance, the human brain can also be trained by increasing, regenerating, creating, and strengthening the neural pathways in the brain. Strengthening and training the neural pathways using the Interactive Metronome®, a computer based technology can increase an athlete’s rhythm, timing, coordination, concentration, focus, balance, decision making, cognitive processing speed, motor planning and sequencing. Take a look at the video clips below for some examples of this technology and its uses.

In today’s world the collision of sports and technology is huge. At Peak One Performance we continually search for methods that will assist our student-athletes in living out their dreams, and becoming productive happy people long after they play organized sports. The Interactive Metronome®, is a great example of an amazing tool for the enhancement of Peak Performance.


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