Inside the Mind of your Student-Athlete

Posted: 11/28/2010 in Uncategorized

Picture this.
The team arrives at the field and your players see an opposing player, who’s much larger than they are, taking batting practice and they begin to wonder, “How are we ever going to keep that guy from crushing it?”
Suddenly they look over to the opposing bullpen and their pitcher seems to be hurling it at 85-90. The pop of the catchers’ mitt is so loud it startles them. “There’s no way I am going to hit that guy!”
When the opposing team takes infield they never miss a ground ball. And every throw to first is right on. “How are we ever going to beat these guys?”
The stresses caused by this type of situation are very real, and do not allow a player to succeed to their potential. After viewing the video above you may realize that the same stresses exist in school.
Stress is the leading cause of self-talk. Let me explain. When a student athlete is faced with a challenge there are several reactions that can occur. Those reactions are based on expectations. (Expectations are both internal and external.) Those expectations are based on preparedness. The challenge arises (game day, test day) and if the student athlete is prepared the expectations are positive. The self-talk is also positive. “I’ m going to ace this test”, or “I can hit this pitcher.” When the student athlete does not prepare properly or feel prepared the expectations are about failure. Those expectations create negative self-talk. “I hope I can pass this test” or “I’ll be lucky to get a hit.” In some kids it gets ultimately negative, “I will never pass this test”, or I will never get a hit on this guy.” Either way self-talk is happening, good or bad.
Many student-athletes understand the need for confidence, and preparedness. They will use performance routines in sports that give them the confidence they need to succeed. However many of those same players do not correlate the lessons learned in preparing for their sport and the classroom.
At Peak One Performance we truly believe in the total child. We understand the stresses that occur with athletes in school and have created a program to help those players convert their athletic currency into academic success. The Home Work Corner is designed to help teach young student-athletes how to get academic confidence by being prepared, just as they would do for athletic competition. The classes are done in a group setting and create a great peer learning situation. We have helped several student-athletes in Summit County find better routines for their academic success. Would you like to know if this program can help your student-athlete? For a free consultation contact us at 970-368-4747, or email to


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