Smart, Patient, Fundamental Basketball from the SMS 8th Grade Program

Posted: 11/14/2010 in Uncategorized

Here is a great example of basketball patience, and teamwork. This was not a designed play drawn out by a coach. This was simply a group of 8th grade basketball players with an understanding of how to set up their offense for scoring points.

There were several good decisions made during this offensive posession. The point guard Carlos Lopez, chose to keep the pace down. He passed in to the top of the key to shooting guard Marco Reifsteck who saw the lane clogged and moved the ball to the corner for forward Garrison Ortega. Ortega looked to go to the baseline. That avenue was defended so instead of forcing the issue he moves the ball back to Reifsteck who immediately swings it out back to Lopez. He brings it to the top of the key and passes to the number 4 forward Noah Glasco.

Glasco makes the most imortant decision of the posession. He had choices. He could have used the triple threat and drove, shot, or passed inside. Instead he chose to put the ball in the hands of his shooting guard. Glasco had been watching the play develop and saw the break down in the defense. This gave him the opportunity to help his team take advantage of a 3 point play.

This is very good fundamental ball movement. The fundamentals are the key to good basketball. This type of understanding is in need of applause, and should be utilized and practiced frequently. When an offense can move the ball effectively they are essentialy setting up their points instead of relying on good fortune. Great Job Summit.


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